Corkscrew and bottle opener


Arguably the best corkscrew available on the market today, the top-selling Murano Greyfriars branded Corkscrew with double-lever action offers smooth and speedy wine bottle opening. A favourite among Sommeliers, Bar Professionals and Waiters alike, the Murano defines professional wine bottle opening.Made in Europe, the Murano Corkscrew has been built to last. It features a Teflon-coated worm for smooth gliding action through the cork and double-lever hinge to easily extract the cork from the bottle in two swift steps. The curved handle follows the contours of the hand and unique non-slip rubber grip offers comfort, especially when opening multiple bottles at a time. The neat, self-sharpening serrated blade swiftly removes foil capsules.Teflon-coated worm Double-lever action Rubber gripLength 11.6cmWidth 12mmHeight 20mm

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