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South facing, chalk slopes nestled on The Hogs Back, perfect for award winning wines.


Definition: Not terror!

Terroir is a much used term in the industry and describes the different interlinking factors of the environment within which the grapes are grown. These factors include the climate, soil, elevation, slope and many more.

Here at Greyfriars we have a fantastic environment for making premium English sparkling and still wines. Our south facing slopes catch the sun throughout the day, helping to dry out morning dampness held by the vine's canopy as well as benefit from the afternoon heat. The slopes prove key for our quality wine, allowing for effective air drainage and movement which reduces the risk of both frost in the winter / early spring and disease in the summer.


We are also connected to Champagne by the same chalky bedrock that goes underneath the channel. This particular soil is porous, helping drain the vineyard of excess water whilst also allowing the vine's roots enough wiggle space to dig deep and anchor the plant effectively.

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