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Traditional method sparkling wines and excitingly fresh still wines made using the highest quality grapes sourced from our very own vineyards.



‘Traditional method’ refers to the sparkling wine making technique which uses a secondary fermentation and subsequent ageing in the bottle in the cellar for at least three years before it is ready to drink. The main difference between traditional method sparkling wines and the other methods is that the transition from still to sparkling wine happens in the bottle!

This requires a lot more hard work and patience than producing still wines!

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Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, our field blend Yvonne and a delicate rosé make up our still wine selection. Our aim with these are to create wines that are fresh, light and aromatic, perfect as aperitifs or great accompaniments of seafood dishes. Our effort to produce great still wines alongside our award winning sparkling wines came to light as our 2021 still rosé was recently showcased on ITV's Love Your Weekend.

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